iAM Voice Biometrics

How does voice biometrics work?

The voice system analyzes extensive information gathered from the user's voice sample. It pays attention to the pitch and pitch variation of the voice, the timbre (richness, gravely-ness, gritty-ness, and smoothness), the cadence of the words, the sharpness of consonants, etc. This allows it to accurately match subsequent voice samples provided by the user to gain access.

How is it installed?

It depends on how you implement the voice biometrics system. For example, users could require Javascript and Flash on their computer, which most people have already. Javascript comes with pretty much all browsers although it can be disabled which would prevent it from working properly.

How are samples collected?

Voice Biometric samples are collected telephonically and, as such, are not subject to bandwidth considerations-speed or type of customer's internet connection has no impact on service.

Customers may use a variety of telephone devices:

  • Traditional "Landline" telephones
  • Cellular Phones
  • VoIP Telephone Service

iAM Keystroke Biometrics

How does keystroke biometrics work?

The keystroke system pays attention to the speed and cadence with which a user types a phrase. There are a variety of attributes, but examples would be characteristic pauses between certain letters or letter combinations that you type quickly together. When authenticating to the system, the sample has to share enough similarity to the patterns found in the original training to succeed.

Does it work with any keyboard?

Keystroke can work with any keyboard although it is recommended not to change keyboards if possible. Some keyboards are easy to type on and provide a clear consistent sample. Others have squishy keys or a split (ergonomic) design that can influence how you type and induce a higher failure rate.

How is it installed?

Flash must be installed and enabled in the browser for keystroke to work.

General FAQs

How is the system hosted?

We will host the biometrics for you on our secure servers.

Is your biometrics compatible with any browser?

Biometrics can work on any browser, or however you choose to implement it.

What happens after invalid login attempts?

If the user fails to match the sample initially provided, they will not be granted access to the system. If there are multiple failed login attempts, the user will be locked out and need to call a support number to be reset. These parameters are adjustable depending on your requirements.

How much does your biometrics cost?

Voice and keystroke biometrics work on a flexible per user or per sample pricing system. This way, you will not get charged unnecessary fees when the validation system is not being used. This allows us to store samples for you while giving you pricing that best fits your use of the system.

Who are your customers?

Our biometric systems are used by government institutions, insurance companies, affiliate testing services, universities, private companies and more to protect and validate a user's identity.

What Users Get:

Easy-to-use identity validation that ensures security and intuitive user authentication.

What You Get:

Customizable implementation, as well as access to a personalized dashboard to keep track of samples, participant progression data and help features.

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