Biometrics Dashboard

Voice and keystroke biometrics include a custom dashboard to easily access your user account information. Your biometrics dashboard will allow 24/7 access to the following features:

  • Records: Access biometric user data, sample information, success/failures.
  • Stats: Get user stats for volume, calls and accounts.
  • Developers: Your own testing center for developer access.
  • Settings: Adjust settings for your voice or keystroke biometric software such as sensitivity level, prompts, sample duration, maximum failures and more.
  • Message Center: View and submit customer support tickets.
  • Help: Access FAQs and Tips for troubleshooting.

Biometrics Dashboard

What Users Get:

Easy-to-use identity validation that ensures security and intuitive user authentication.

What You Get:

Customizable implementation, as well as access to a personalized dashboard to keep track of samples, participant progression data and help features.

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